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These stayed put and stayed stuck to the insoles of my block heels. I believe they really did help prevent foot pain with the hours of standing and dancing I did at a wedding. I’d buy these again!
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I used these on heels that look exactly like the picture. I didn’t feel a thing! They did their job! My foot didn’t hurt at all nor did my foot slide to the front. My heels were only 4” so that did help too.
I ordered these to take up a bit more space in my sandals. I have narrow feet and this works well to keep my feet from slipping around.
I read the reviews before I ordered and they really work great. Been walking all day with a pair of heels that are usually uncomfortable but with the pads they are great! Getting more for my other heels.
I bought these for my Christian Louboutin heels which are 4” shoes that I haven’t been able to even stand in! I instantly felt the difference and was able to walk in them right away vs without the pads I couldn’t even walk a step without wobbling! I even put them in other heels and what a difference! Will be buying more!! Very good brand!
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